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“Darren performed in Ovation’s award winning revival of Irving Berlin’s ‘Top Hat’. He was excellent as eccentric English businessman and theatre producer “Horace Hardwick”. Difficult role, always in the shadow of the two all singing, all dancing lead characters. Darren nailed it at every performance!!”

John Plews, Director

“Having worked with Darren on ‘UKIP! The Musical’, I can testify to his professionalism, commitment and talent. He worked collegiately and supportively with fellow cast members, leading by example. Darren takes direction extremely well and often provided imaginative and thoughtful insights throughout the rehearsal process. He added depth and nuance to the role of Nigel Farage where many would simply have created a caricature. As an ensemble member, Darren worked for the good of the production rather than himself. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Cath Day, Writer/Producer

“Having worked with Darren on two separate productions, I can wholeheartedly commend his ability to flourish in both modern and classical texts. He brings a great deal of positive energy to rehearsals, is open and responsive to direction, and clearly does considerable preparation for each role he takes on. I have found his contributions to the rehearsal process to always be intelligent, reactive and generous; indeed, he is an asset to any cast – in that he is so easy to work with, able to tackle and open up complicated and dense texts, and possessing so much kindness and selflessness in his performance with other actors. It has been a pleasure to watch him work and evolve both in rehearsal and performance, never afraid to try something new, or different, and he takes great pleasure in making discoveries in the text that had not perhaps been evident upon a more conventional surface reading.

Darren’s comic timing is a clear strength for him, but I have always been impressed with the moment of sober gravitas he brings to the stage, and the clear thought process with which he helms his character arcs. I cannot recommend this young man enough.”

Ross McGregor, Director

“Darren’s portrayal of ‘Britney’ in this years production of ‘Cinderella’ at the Lakes Leisure, Kendal was nothing short of brilliant. Darren brought a whole host of ideas and fun to the show.

He is a fabulous guy, committed and totally professional to work with. It was hard to believe it was his first outing as an ugly sister. It looked like he’d been doing it for years!!

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other production companies or working with him again in future Tread Productions”

Graham Tudor, Producer/Director

“Darren is a really skilled, hard working actor. He was very committed to the project and I knew I could rely on him, particularly working with the tight schedules we had.

His performance was second to none and at one point his heart wrenching portrayal of the central character, Leon, moved the crew to applaud.

A true gentleman and an absolute pleasure to work with, I highly recommend Darren Benedict.”

Ben Derrick, Director

“Darren is a highly intelligent and instinctive actor with a brilliant professional attitude. Hire him.”

Chris Rogers, Director

“I highly recommend Darren for Voice over work. We worked together on a short film which was heavily lead by voice over. Darren was a pleasure to work with, had great creative ideas and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Oliver Briginshaw, Director

“I recently worked with Darren on a new musical version of Beauty and the Beast. He was a wonderful company member who threw himself into everything in both rehearsals and performance. He brought a charm and clarity to the part of Beauty’s father that helped bring the story to life beautifully.”

Matt Aston, Director

“Darren worked with me as an actor developing my new play over the course of several table readings, culminating in a public reading in May 2012.

He has excellent comedy instincts but also takes direction well. His comments on the script were very helpful. He was also fine company – even at the end of a long day in an airless rehearsal room. I will certainly be working with him again and would recommend you cast him without a moment’s hesitation.”

David Spicer, Scriptwriter

“Darren is an exceptionally talented and focused actor. He has a clear understanding of what is required of him in a rehearsal room; taking direction with grace while knowing how to suggest improvements.

His attitude and approach to developing a dense, sustainable and detailed character is outstanding. His comic timing is precise and he is a strong improviser. I very much look forward to working with him again.”

Rob Watt, Director, NT

“Darren is very much a professional in his craft. Extremely personable and easy to get along with. He invested both his time and effort effectively to creative his character.

Notes from the director were that he takes direction very well and is open to trying things while expressing himself effectively too. A joy to work with and would do so again.”

Martyn Hill, Producer

“Darren is an experienced, accomplished and versatile actor. He is a team player totally lacking “attitude” and takes direction well while bringing original ideas to his roles.

He played three disparate characters in our sell-out and critically well received production of All Hallows, to perfection. I look forward to working with him again and cannot recommend him too highly.”

Wayne Drew, Director