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Benny Loves You

UK VOD release 15/02/2021

“Holt directs these moments with hints of slapstick that often comes out to play when the “good cop/bad cop” characters (Anthony Styles and Darren Benedict in roles that felt like Fry and Laurie or Frost and Pegg) are investigating the many strange occurrences that happen around Jack. Both Styles and Benedict play the characters as incompetent buffoons not unlike Jack himself, which makes them memorable and lovable whenever they are on screen together.”

FrightFest Review

Top Hat

Nine 5 Star reviews. Nominated for 4 ‘Offies, 2018’ (1 win).

“Darren Benedict, in the Edward Everett-Horton part of Horace Hardwick, is chirpy and neurotic, with gleefully apt timing, letting his innumerable unwitting one-liners fall exactly where they will cause most mirth.”

British Theatre

“There is also solid character work from Darren Benedict’s half-heartedly philandering Horace and Ellen Verenieks’s wise-cracking spendthrift Madge..”

The Stage

“Darren Benedict as Horace Hardwick and Ellen Verenieks as the unflappable Madge shine.”

The Times

“Darren Benedict as Horace Hardwick is wonderful to watch in his role as Jerry Travers’ concerned producer and fall guy to his wife.”

London Pub Theatres

“Much of the comedy comes from Horace Hardwick (Darren Benedict)…”

The Spy in the Stalls

“Darren Benedict is perfectly cast as Horace Hardwick, Jerry’s sidekick.”

Musical Theatre Review

“There is great repartee between Darren Benedict and Ellen Verenieks as Horace and Madge Hardwick, a dysfunctional married couple, the male half of which Tremont has confused for Travers.”

Camden New Journal

“…tremendously comic performances from Darren Benedict & Ellen Verenieks as Horace & Madge Hardwick.”

The Review Chap

“…Darren Benedict provided comedic relief throughout, which was thoroughly entertaining.”

Rewrite This Story

UKIP! The Musical

WINNER: The Stage, Acting Excellence Ensemble – Edinburgh 2015.

“Darren Benedict is a riot of mannerisms and fake nostalgia as Farage, moulded into the gurning figure we know today by a cabaret version of Godfrey Bloom.”

The Stage

“Darren Benedict stole the show north of the border… Benedict’s performance is a joy in the political satire, which has a little of The New Statesman about it, with him bringing humour, naivety and fragility to the role of Farage.”

Bristol Post

“Darren Benedict gives a great performance as Nigel Farage.”

Fest Mag

“The performers, particularly the lead, were well judged.”


Much Ado About Nothing

“Darren Benedict’s oily scheming Conrade is the Peter Mandelson to Don Pedro’s Tony Blair.”


Beauty & the Beast

“Darren Benedict plays Beauty’s father and the Butler in the Beast’s house, he performs well throughout and shines in some of the darker musical numbers.”

The Public Reviews

“Darren Benedict subtly and smoothly sketches the differences between the Butler and the Master.”


The Hang of the Gaol

“…almost as perfect a sense of comic timing as Darren Benedict, who brings a brilliance and lightness to his role as one half of a fantastical fire investigation team.”



“Darren Benedict and Amy Ellen Burnett were fabulous as the quarrelsome Coopers.”

London Festival Fringe